Money Management

Here are some of Smart Savings money management tips.

Check if you can maximise your income

Reduce expenditure

  • Spread your Council Tax payments from ten months to twelve months.
  • Make a budget! You will be surprised how much you are spending on non-essential items. Here’s a tool to help you calculate your incomings and outgoings
  • Shop around.  Being more aware whilst you are shopping can be helpful. Often smaller local markets or stalls can offer you much better deals than the bigger supermarkets. 
  • Renewing insurance, internet and phones. When your contract is coming to an end, speak to your current provider about the best deal they can offer and check comparison websites for the cheapest quote
  • Reduce travel costs. Do you have to drive or can you walk? Can you car share? These costs may seem small but you will be surprised how quickly a quick trip to Tesco’s can add to your weekly expenditure. 

Gather your debt information

Face your debts.It’s never as bad as you think it is. Knowing what you owe, even if it’s more than you expected is always better than not knowing. Set aside some time to open your post and make a list of what you owe. This is the first and often most difficult step of dealing with your debts. 

Get professional advice

Don’t suffer in silence – ask for help! Any reputable money adviser will go through the above with you in detail and it can be empowering to take some of the work on yourself if you feel able to do so. 

Budget Planner